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Cleaning and Rebuilding Slimline Nozzle Tips

Clogged nozzles significantly reduce the flow rate/volume of mist and result in loss of system effectiveness.

Usually the problem is that the filters inside the nozzles tips are fouled, although in some cases the orifice of the nozzle is clogged by scale from hard water. The dirt you’ll frequently see on the outside of the tip of a clogged nozzle is cosmetic and results from dirt and dust sticking to the tip after poor projection of mist.

This article discusses how to clean the slimline nozzle tips and rebuild them to restore healthy flow and performance to a system.

Cleaning Slimline Nozzle Tips


Slimline Nozzle Wrench Set (MistAway Part # 25070)

Shaker bottle or Vibrating bowl (if you plan to clean a lot of nozzle tips)

Detergent like Simple Green or a descaling agent like CLR

Strainer and Toothbrush

A.  Use the slimline nozzle wrenches to disassemble the nozzle tips.  Retain the metal tip, vortex pin and chambers and discard the filter and ball-spring check valve.

B.  In the shaker bottle or vibrating bowl, make up a solution of 50% water and 50% detergent or descaling agent (if hard water is a problem). Soak the metal components for about 2 hours, shaking occasionally.  Do not let the components soak for much longer than that or you may risk damage to the red o-rings that seal the nozzle when it is reassembled.

C.  Use the toothbrush to remove any remaining dirt/residue from the ridges on the outside of the tip and use the strainer to rinse the components in water. Then, let them air dry.

Rebuilding Slimline Nozzle Tips


Slimline Ball-Spring Check Valve (MistAway Part #10197)

Slimline Ball & Spring (Bag of 100)Slimline Ball & Spring (Bag of 100)

For single chamber nozzle tips only, Slimline Nozzle Filters (MistAway Part #10196)

Slimline Nozzle Filter (Bag of 100)

We recommend rebuilding the two-chamber nozzle tips with just a new ball-spring check valve and without the internal nozzle filter. Leave that chamber empty.

For the older-style single chamber slimline tips, you’ll need to include the nozzle filter because it is integral to the proper function of the check valve.

As part of restoring flow to your nozzle circuit, and to significantly increase the useful life of your newly rebuilt nozzle tips, we highly recommend installing a cartridge-style nozzle circuit filter with a replaceable element that mounts to the misting unit.  For a Gen 3, it is MistAway Part #29040 for a Gen 1.3, it is MistAway Part #29013.

The filter element has many magnitudes more filtration capacity than the filters downstream in the slimline nozzle tips.  While we can’t guarantee that you’ll never have to rebuild and replace the odd fouled nozzle tip again, the nozzles will perform like new ones for much longer than they would otherwise.