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Controller: Navigation Guide

See the video at Installation – Navigating the Controller (1:50)

Set System Mode

On the home screen, which shows day and time, press Green ► button to position ▲at top of display to one of four System Modes:

  • OFF – daily agitation cycle only.
  • REM – Unit will allow Remote and Manual mists, but no AUTO-MISTs.  (Units sold prior to 2012, Mode is ON)
  • AUTO Everyday – Misting program runs daily.  This is the most common System Mode.
  • AUTO Custom – mist program runs on days configured in CUSTOM PGM.

Enter Menu Item

  • Pressing Red MENU/STOP button displays triangular cursor, ►, by DAY/TIME position on left side of display.
  • Use ▲ and ▼ buttons to move through list of menu items – DAY/Time, CYCLES, SET-UP, MAINTENANCE, DATA
  • Use Green ► button to select menu item.

View or Change Data in Menu Item

  • A flashing data element can be changed with the ▲ and ▼ buttons.
  • Move to the next element with the Green ► button.
  • Exit the menu item by pressing the MENU button.
  • The value of the data element is automatically saved when you move to the next data element or exit.

Initiate routine in Menu Item

  • There are a number of routines that are initiated by pressing and holding the Green ► button for 5 seconds.
  • SET-UP Menu – LRN,
  • MAINTENANCE Menu – LEVEL (Gen 1.3), REFILL (Gen 3), CHG (Gen 3), WINT (Gen 3) INS, DRN
  • DATA Menu – TOL, HLD

Clear Codes that have suspended operation of the unit

  • ERRor codes – Clear by pressing and holding the Red MENU/Stop button for 5 seconds.
  • NOZ00 – Clear by pressing and holding the Red MENU/Stop button for 5 seconds.
  • SKIP (NEXT MIST) – Clear by pressing and holding the ▲ for 5 seconds.

Reset controller to factory settings

  • Unplug unit
  • Press and hold MENU and ▲ buttons simultaneously while restoring power to unit.
  • Mist cycles, remote duration and number of nozzles must be reentered.