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Controller: Using the Remote

MIST Button

  • Activates a REMOTE MIST for the duration defined in the SET-UP menu.  (SET-UP Menu, REM, Set duration in seconds)


  • An agitation cycle may precede the REMOTE MIST, depending on the remote agitation duration configured in the SET-UP menu.  (SET-UP Menu, RAG, Set duration in seconds)


  • If RAG is not available as an option on the SET-UP menu, the system will agitate for 15 seconds prior to a REMOTE MIST.



  • The STOP MIST button stops the current operation of the unit. It will not change the System Mode from ON or AUTO to OFF.


  • The SKIP NEXT MIST button enables the next programmed AUTO MIST to be skipped.  The controller will display “SKIP.”


  • While the unit is flashing SKIP, it will still respond to a Remote or MANUAL MIST.


  • When an AUTO MIST has been skipped, the unit will return to the normal display, with a flashing “sunshine” icon in the lower right corner of the display.


  • You may only skip one mist at a time.  That is, pushing the SKIP NEXT MIST button multiple times will not cause multiple AUTO MIST cycles to be skipped.


  • Clear skip by holding down the ▲ button on the controller for 3 seconds.