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Don’t have an account? Contact a MistAway Dealer.

What is iMistAway?

iMistAway is a technology that enables monitoring and management of MistAway’s mosquito misting systems over the internet.

It allows MistAway’s dealers to provide a superior level of service to their customers by enabling activities like monitoring the volume of concentrate remaining in the misting unit and checking for error conditions like a leak or tripped GFCI.

The solution includes an app for the homeowner’s smartphone, so he or she can see the status of their system or trigger a remote mist.



iMistAway is only available to customers of authorized MistAway Dealers.


Hardware Requirements

A MistAway mosquito misting system with either a Gen 3 tankless unit or Gen 1.3 drum unit.

Tankless and drum Mosquito Misting Systems

The unit must be equipped with a light colored “iMist2-ready” receiver.  In a Gen 3 tankless unit, the receiver is mounted to the underside of the unit’s metal lid.  In a Gen 1.3 drum unit, there will be a sticker on the underside of the plastic lid that covers the controller display.  The receiver itself is mounted to the chassis inside the plastic shell that houses the components.  If you have a Gen 3 or Gen 1.3 MistAway systems that was sold before 2017, an iMist2 receiver can be retrofitted, but it will require an upgrade to the firmware in the misting unit’s controller.

An iMist2 gateway that is connected to a router inside the home.



Once the hardware is in place, your MistAway dealer will wirelessly introduce the iMist2 receiver on the misting unit with the gateway inside the house.  After that, you’ll receive an email invitation to create a password.  Your email address and password will serve as credentials that will allow you to log into the iMistAway app.