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Troubleshooting Gateway Offline – No Internet Connection

The iMist gateway, which should be connected to your customer’s router, is not connected to the internet.

Potential Cause:
  • Internet service to your customer’s house is temporarily out.
  • The gateway has lost power.
  • The gateway has been disconnected from your customer’s router or the physical port on the router or switch has failed.
  • Your customer’s router is configured to block software Port 1883 or the iMist server is down.
  • The gateway has failed or the ethernet cable connecting the gateway to the router has failed.
  • If the gateway has recently gone offline, check again tomorrow.  Your customer’s internet may be temporarily out.
  • If it has been off a few days, contact your customer and ask them to confirm that their internet is working.
  • If they report that the internet is working, it is likely that the gateway has either lost power or has been disconnected from their router.  Ask them to confirm.
  • It is also possible that they have changed out their router and the new port forwarding or security settings have blocked communication.  Ask them to confirm status:
For an iMist2 Gateway, any of the lights confirm power.  If there is no blue light, there is no internet connection.  If there is a blue light, but no green light, then port 1883 on the customer’s router is blocked.


For a white Standard Range Gateway, any lights confirm power.  A solid green light in the corner indicate the gateway is connected to the internet.

For a black Long Range Gateway, any green lights on the back confirm power.  If the unit has power, call MistAway Tech Support to confirm whether it is connected to the internet.