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Gen 1.3: Functionality and Capacity

Base Functionality
  • MistAway’s Drum-Based Misting Unit, Gen 1.3, is designed to atomize a dilute insecticide (typically contained in a 55 gallon drum) through an installed nozzle circuit to control mosquitoes and other annoying insects.
  • The capacity of the unit is dependent on the configuration of the nozzle circuit.  A practical field maximum for one zone is about  75 nozzles (some in parallel) connected by 750 feet of tubing.
  • The unit may be programmed to mist up to 24 times daily, with each mist cycle having its own independent duration.  A typical program will consist of 2 to 3 mist cycles per day, each with a 45 – 60 second duration, for a daily total of 90 – 180 seconds.
  • The unit will also mist in response to a signal from a handheld remote transmitter for a duration programmed by the user.

Optional Equipment and Functionality

  • Agitating Valve:  Each mist (including remote mists) will be preceded by an agitation cycle that will ensure thorough mixing of the drum contents prior to misting.  In addition, there is a capability to program a once-daily agitation that is independent of any programmed or remote mist.  The agitating valve also eliminates the possibility of a siphon emptying the drum contents.
  • Leak Detection:  In the event of a leak in the misting nozzle circuit, this option will shut-off the unit until the leak can be repaired.
  • Electronic Anti-Siphon Valve:  For units without agitation, addition of this valve eliminates the possibility of a siphon.
  • Wind Sensor: Sensor input will inhibit a programmed mist if the wind speed is higher than a user-defined limit for a 5 minute period following the scheduled mist.
  • Zone Kit:  Kit will enable the unit to either independently manage areas with two different application schedules or effectively double the protected area that the unit would otherwise support.
  • iMistAway Module: Allows the unit to be remotely monitored and controlled via an Internet connection.