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Gen 1.3: Controller displays “MIST” but Nozzles Not Misting

Possible Causes:

Nothing to Pump:

  • Level of liquid in drum is at or below pump intake/filter

Failure to Pump:

  • Clogged intake filter – common, but not usually the culprit
  • Insecure pump intake – common on new systems to new dealers
  • Pump failure – common, but not usually out of the box
  • Controller relay failure – very uncommon
  • Motor failure – very uncommon

Pumping but not generating pressure in nozzle circuit

  • Pump bypass too open – not common
  • Auto Drain Valve is off (or failed?) – pretty common
  • Agitation Valve not opening (or completely opening?) during mist cycle – not common
  • Leak in nozzle circuit – common
  • Too many nozzles for pump – not common

Pumping and generating pressure, but no mist

  • Blockage/kink in nozzle circuit – not common
  • Clogged nozzles – common

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