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Gen 1.3 Option: Leak Detection and TOLerance

Leak Detection is an option – usually factory installed:

  • Enables Gen 1.3 to detect a leak in the nozzle circuit and suspend misting.
  • Enables Gen 1.3 to accurately report the level of remaining solution in the drum  See Gen 1.3:  Level Display
  • Required to enable full functionality of iMistAway.

To function properly, the leak TOLerance should be calibrated to reflect the number of nozzles on the nozzle circuit.  Leak Detection will not function on systems (or zones) with fewer than 12 nozzles because the flow meter is not reliable at very low flows.  And, it may not function reliably with mist durations shorter than 15 seconds.

To determine if Leak Detection is installed:

  • Remove the controller from the unit and look for the flowmeter as pictured.

  • The flowmeter is secured to the chassis with a zip-tie, and is installed on the discharge side of the pump, downstream of the agitation valve, on the tubing that feeds the nozzle circuit.

To determine if Leak Detection is operating:

  • Go to the DATA Menu and cycle through the variables by pressing the Green ► button.
  • Values labeled FL, TL, AFR, and TOL indicate that Leak Detection is operating.

To configure Leak Detection TOLerance for Nozzle Count

  • DATA Menu, TOL.  Press and hold Green ► button for 5 seconds
  • Use ▲ or ▼ buttons to adjust value based on nozzle count:
Nozzle Count Tolerance (TOL)
less than 30 75%
30 to 50 50%
greater than 50 25%


To disable Leak Detection:

  • Unplug misting unit.
  • Unplug the gray cable shown from the 6 pin connector on the back of controller as pictured below.
  • Restore power to misting unit.