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Gen 1.3: Schematic and Components

The operations of the Gen 1.3 are managed by a digital controller and a number of electro-mechanical components.  Information about mist schedules, duration, and agitating the insecticide are entered into the controller by the user.

Components – Mounted to Chassis on Drum Lid

  • Digital Controller – accepts user input, displays unit operating mode and status, controls electromechanical components.
  • Remote Receiver & Antenna – receives signal from handheld remote transmitter
  • Pump & Motor – atomizes drum contents through nozzle circuit.  Pump pressure typically set to 240 psi.
  • Agitating Valve (optional) – One path through the valve routes fluid to the nozzle circuit.  The other path recirculates fluid in the drum through j-tube mixing assembly.
  • Plastic Housing & Cover – protects components from the elements.  The cover may be locked to the housing to secure access to the controller.  The housing contains ports to the nozzle circuit tubing as well as to an optional Zone Kit.  On units with an agitating valve, a pressure gauge is mounted into the plastic housing.

Components – Inside Drum

  • Pump Intake Line and Filter – Pump intake positioned near bottom of drum.  Filter ensures debris is not drawn into pump and nozzle circuit.
  • J-tube Mixing Assembly (on units with optional Agitating Valve)  – To ensure thorough mixing, during agitation, fluid is pushed through a j-shaped tube assembly at the bottom of the drum.
  • Auto-Drain Valve – ensures rapid increase in nozzle circuit pressure on pump startup and rapid decrease on shutdown.

Other Components

  • Remote Transmitter – 3-button remote enables the user to start a mist, stop a mist and skip the next scheduled mist.
  • Unit Cover – Weatherproof fabric cover provides protection of the unit from the elements.