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Gen 1.3: Spring Startup Checklist

1.  Connect power to unit

  • Plug unit into GFCI outlet

2.  Confirm clean drum and run INSpection cycle.  Confirm pump pressure.

  • Check drum and clean if needed.
  • Check and clean pump intake filter if needed.
  • If tank is empty, fill 1/2 full with fresh water only (no insecticide).
  • Update controller with level:  MAINTENANCE Menu, LEVEL.  Push and hold Green ► for 5 seconds, then use ▲ arrow to set level to half-full (4 bars).
  • Run INSpect cycle:  Maintenance Menu, INS; Push and hold Green ► for 5 seconds; Unit will fill and mist for 5 minutes or until stopped.
  • Confirm pump pressure is 250 psi (on smallest zone).  If necessary, adjust pump pressure at screw in port located at left rear corner of unit.  Use a flathead screwdriver, turning clockwise to increase pressure and counter clockwise to reduce pressure.
  • Stop INSpect.

3.  Inspect element in nozzle circuit filter and replace if necessary.

4.  Inspect nozzle circuit for max flow and leaks<

  • Run Inspect (INS from Maintenance Menu)
  • Confirm all nozzles spraying properly and that mist is clear of landscaping.
  • Replace tips on nozzles that are not spraying properly.  (Target is 40 ml/min)
  • Press red MENU/STOP button to stop INSpect routine.
  • If system is zoned, perform for both zones.

5.  Check Nozzle Circuit and Treated Area

  • No plant burn
  • No staining fence, decks or siding
  • Tubing and transition protection is in good shape
  • Inspect and adjust tree clamps and nozzles
  • Inspect for conducive breeding conditions

6.  Add Insecticide, Top Off Drum, Reset Level to Full

  • Calculate required volume of insecticide using the Dosing and Days to Empty Calculator
  • Add insecticide through large bung with a funnel
  • Top off drum with water.  Maintain air gap of 6″ between hose and fluid level.
  • Do not overfill.  Stop filling when level is 4″ from top.
  • Press and hold Green ► button for 5 secs, then use arrow keys to set level to full (8 bars)

7.  Confirm Day/Time and Mist Cycles

  • DAY/TIME Menu; Set Day and Time. (note AM and PM); Exit by pressing Menu button.
  • CYCLES Menu; Blinking C# identifies each automatic mist cycle with current mist duration and mist time; Set mist duration and time (note AM/PM)

8.  Set System Mode

  • With the display showing day, time and level, press Green ► button to position the ▲ at top of display pointing to active System Mode.
  • OFF – daily agitation cycle only
  • ON – remote and manual, but no programmed mist
  • AUTO Everyday – mist schedule runs daily.  This is the most common System Mode.
  • AUTO Custom – mist program run on days configured in CUSTOM PGM

9.  Cover Unit

  • Confirm System Mode is set as desired.  AUTO Everyday is the most common mode.
  • Fit elastic of waterproof cover bottom under lip along edge of drum.