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Gen 1.3: Winterization Video and Checklist

1. Flush pump, agitation valve (if equipped) and nozzle circuit with clean water.  (Use 5 gallon bucket) 

  • Fill 5 gallon bucket with fresh water and position next to unit.
  • Lift drum lid (with mounted assembly) from drum and rotate/reposition so that pump intake line is submerged inside 5 gallon bucket.
  • Activate an extended manual mist. The agitation cycle will flush the agitation valve and the mist cycle will flush the pump and nozzle circuit. If zone kit is installed, run mists on both zones to flush both nozzle circuits.

2. Activate a dry Manual Mist cycle and lift left side of unit to clear remaining water. 

  • Remove intake line from bucket and disconnect nozzle circuit line from unit.
  • Activate a dry (i.e., suction line not in any fluid) Manual Mist cycle.
  • IMPORTANT!!  While unit is running dry, lift left side of unit about 6 inches to clear water from agitation valve.
  • Reposition drum lid and assembly back on drum.

3. Clear water from pressure gauge and leak detection flow meter (if equipped).  

  • For access to gauge and flow meter, remove controller from cover, leaving wiring harness connected to controller.
  • Disconnect tubing from pressure gauge and allow water to drain from gauge.  Reconnect tubing to gauge.
  • Disconnect tubing from the inlet/left side of flow meter and tilt drum lid down to left, allowing water to drain from flow meter.
  • Replace controller in cover.

4. Clear water from nozzle circuit filter (if equipped).

  • Disconnect pressure relief valve from filter head and invert to clear water.  Reconnect valve.
  • Unscrew filter head from housing, discard element and pour out water remaining in housing.  Remember to replace the filter element at Spring Startup.
  • Replace head on housing.  Reconnect tubing to pressure relief valve and mount the filter back on the unit.

5. Replace drum cover and store for winter.

  • Unplug unit and wrap power cord around assembly.
  • Replace waterproof cover.

6. Purge water remaining in nozzle circuit with compressed air.

  • Remove tip from the last nozzle on the end of each run.
  • Use portable air compressor with adapter (MistAway Part # 20052) to purge fluid from nozzle circuit.

Download Gen 1.3 Winterization instructions for printing.