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Gen 1.3: Winterization Video and Checklist

1. Flush misting unit components and nozzle circuit with fresh water using a 5 gallon bucket. 

  • If unit has a nozzle circuit filter, bypass it by connecting nozzle circuit tubing directly to misting unit.  Set filter aside until Step 4.
  • Loosen locking ring and move lid/assembly to access pump intake filter.  Remove, clean and replace filter.
  • Fill 5 gallon bucket with fresh water and position next to unit.
  • Lift drum lid/assembly up and out of drum and carefully rest it on the edge of the drum so that pump intake line and agitation j-tube are submerged in 5 gallon bucket.
  • Program a 180 second (3 minute) manual mist – SET-UP/MAN.  If unit has agitation, program a 20 second agitation cycle – SET-UP/AGT.  If unit has zone kit, program to manual mist in both zones – SET-UP/MNZ 1-2.
  • Run a manual mist (3 minutes on each zone), flushing the pump, agitation valve, leak detection flow meter and nozzle circuit with fresh water.

2. Run a dry manual mist and lift left side of unit to clear remaining water. 

  • Disconnect nozzle circuit from unit.
  • Remove intake line and agitation j-tube from 5 gallon bucket.
  • Run a dry (suction line not in any fluid) manual mist for one minute.
  • IMPORTANT!!  While unit is running dry, lift left side of unit about 6 inches to clear water from agitation valve.
  • Reposition drum lid and assembly back on drum.

If the unit has a zone kit, clear captive water with air compressor.  Use compressor adapter (Part# 20052)

  • Disconnect all tubing from zone kit.
  • Insert a short length of 1/4″ tubing connected to compressor adapter into port on zone valve marked “IN.”
  • Connect adapter to compressor hose and clear Zone 1.  Leave tubing and adapter in “IN” port.
  • Disconnect motor cable from back of controller so you can run the system without pumping fluid.
  • Run Inspect for Zone 2 to open valve (without pumping) – MAINTENANCE/INS2
  • After INS2 starts, connect adapter to compressor hose and clear Zone 2.  Press STOP button.
  • Reconnect motor cable to controller.

3. Clear water from pressure gauge and leak detection flow meter (if equipped).  

  • For access to gauge and flow meter, remove plastic shell that covers assembly, feeding the controller through the well in the shell.  Leave wiring harness connected.
  • Disconnect tubing from pressure gauge and allow water to drain from gauge.  Reconnect tubing and ensure connection is secure.
  • Disconnect tubing from both sides of the leak detection flow meter then invert flow meter to let water drain.  Reconnect tubing, ensuring direction of flow arrow is pointed toward nozzle circuit bulkhead.
  • Replace plastic shell and controller.

4. Clear fluid from nozzle circuit filter (if equipped).

  • Disconnect pressure relief valve from filter head and invert to clear water.  Reconnect valve.
  • Unscrew filter head from housing, discard element and pour out fluid remaining in housing.  Remember to replace the filter element at spring startup.
  • Put filter head back onto housing.  Reattach filter to edge of drum lid and reconnect tubing to unit and nozzle circuit.

5. Replace drum cover and store for winter.

  • Unplug unit and wrap power cord around assembly.
  • Cover with waterproof cover.

6. Purge water remaining in nozzle circuit with compressed air.

  • Remove tip from the last nozzle on the end of each run.
  • Use portable air compressor with adapter (MistAway Part# 20052) to purge fluid from nozzle circuit.

Download Gen 1.3 Winterization instructions for printing.