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Gen 3: Access Components by Repositioning Shroud

All but a few Gen 3 component repairs and replacements can be done by repositioning the controller and shroud rather than removing the sidewalls.

Time:  3 minutes
Tools:  none

1.  For access, reposition controller and shroud.

A.  Release insecticide bottle from coupler and remove bottle.

B.  Remove screws securing controller in shroud.

C.  Leaving the wiring harness connected, feed the controller through the well in the shroud and let it rest on the corner of the batch tank lid.

D.  Remove screws securing shroud.

E.  Rotate shroud counter clockwise and hang from left side of unit.

2.  After the repair or replacement is made and tested, reverse the process.

A.  Rotate shroud back onto unit and secure with screws.

B.  Feed controller back into position on top of shroud and secure with screws.