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Gen 3: Confirm Bellows Pump is Pumping

Note:  In this video, you will see water with red food coloring (rather than insecticide concentrate) moving through the clear tubing on the discharge side of the bellows pump.  There is a brief shot of the bellows pump in operation (0:12 – 0:19) that you will not be able to see unless you remove the sidewalls.

Diagnostic Steps:

  • Remove fasteners securing controller to black plastic shroud.
  • Lift the controller to a position where you can observe the clear tubing on the right side of the dosing pump leading into the batch tank.
  • Activate a manual dosing charge. Navigate to the MAINTENANCE Menu -> CHG -> hold down green button.
  • If the dosing pump is working you will observe a pulsing flow of insecticide in the clear tubing. If line has been cleared (for Winterization), it may take a couple of minutes to prime the pump and observe the flow. Try running the CHG 2-3 more times.

If there is no flow in the clear line from the dosing pump to the batch tank:

  • Check the vintage of your bellows pump. Refer to the figure below. Notice the differences in the pump head hose connections and blue portion of the pump.

Compare Bellows Vintage