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Gen 3 Controller: Status and External LED Displays


AGT  Unit is agitating contents of batch tank.

DOSE  Unit is adding insecticide to batch tank through dosing pump.

DRN  Drain.  Unit will mist until batch tank is empty and pressure falls.

FILL  Inlet supply valve is open and filling batch tank with water.

HOLD  Agitation valve is being held open at end of mist cycle to allow pressure in nozzle circuit to decay and close nozzles quickly.

INS  Unit is in Inspection Mode.  Unit will mist for 5 minutes or until stopped, refilling as necessary and without adding insecticide.

MST  Unit is misting.

SKIP  Unit will skip next programmed mist, having received signal from remote transmitter to SKIP NEXT MIST.  Clear by holding down the ▲ arrow button for 3 seconds.

SUS  During 5 minute period following AUTO MIST, wind sensor is reading higher than user-set max and unit is suspending AUTO MIST.

VENT  Prompt for user to vent the insecticide bottle by removing the cap from the top port and penetrating the bottle seal.  Loosely replace vent port cap.  Press Green ►button to continue.

WRN  Unit is in warning period before misting.

  The previous mist was skipped because SKIP NEXT MIST was triggered by the remote or the wind sensor blocked an AUTO MIST.


NO LIGHT  Unit is idle.

RAPID FLASH  Unit is about to mist and is either in the warning or agitate stage of the cycle.

SOLID LIGHT  Unit is misting.

SLOW FLASH  Either the cartridge is empty, a SKIP MIST has been triggered by the remote transmitter, or there is an error condition.