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Gen 3: Dosing Insecticide

The REFILL routine in the MAINTENANCE Menu of the controller prompts the user to input the target MIX of water and insecticide, expressed in Parts Water to Concentrate.

This value must be calculated from the mixing instructions found on the insecticide label:

Example:  A 5% pyrethrin formulation, contains label language for use in Residential Backyards to “Mix 64 fl. Oz of concentrate in 55 gallons of water to yield a solution of 0.046% Pyrethrins and 0.23% Piperonyl Butoxide.”

The Target MIX Calculation is:

The insecticide label will contain both recommended and maximum concentrations.  It is against regulations to mix the insecticide to a concentration that exceeds the stated limit.  Concentrations less than recommended on the label are permissible, although there is a threshold below which the material will not be effective.