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Gen 3: How Bottle Level Display Works

The displayed level of concentrate remaining in the bottle is calculated and not measured.

  • The factors used in the calculation are the Starting Level (entered in the controller when filling the unit) and information about the dosing pump – Dosing Pump Target Flow Rate and Dosing Pump Run Time (which is calculated based on the MIX Ratio and size of the previous batch)
  • New Level = Old Level – (Dosing Pump Target Flow Rate x Dosing Pump Run Time of last batch makeup cycle)
  • The unit will stop misting when the displayed level is zero.
  • Because it is a calculated rather than measured value, there may be a difference between the displayed level and the actual level.  See Gen 3:  Displayed Bottle Level does not match Actual Level
  • It is possible for the unit to run with an empty bottle if the actual level is zero, but the displayed level is positive.  This will not harm the dosing pump.