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Gen 3: Replace Remote Receiver

The primary cause of failure in the remote receiver is water entering the connection with the CAT 5 cable.  When replacing the remote receiver, we advise also replacing the receiver cable and antenna.

Time:  5 minutes
Tools: 5/16″ nut driver

  • Gen 1.3/3 – Remote Receiver (#10903)
  • Gen 1.3/3 – Remote Antenna (#10961)
  • Gen 3 – Remote Receiver Cable (#10962)

1.  Remove and replace CAT 5 remote receiver cable.

A.  Disconnect the existing cable from the remote receiver.

B.  Remove controller from shroud and disconnect cable from controller.  Remove cable.

C.  Connect new segment of cable to controller, and feed other end of cable between shroud and back wall of unit.

2.  Remove existing antenna and remote receiver.

A.  Unscrew antenna from lid and discard.

B.  Use 5/16″ nutdriver to loosen nut on coax connector.  Remove nut and washer and keep them.  Discard remote receiver.

3.  Replace with new remote receiver and antenna.

A.  Position receiver on underside of lid and push coax connector through hole.

B.  Drop washer over connector and secure receiver with nut using nut driver.

C.  Screw antenna onto connector.

8.  Orient Remote Transmitter and test.

A.  Conduct LRN routine to introduce transmitter to new receiver.

  • SET-UP Menu, LRN
  • Press and hold Green ► button for 5 secs until LRN ON and countdown starts
  • Press and hold any button on remote transmitter until DONE is displayed.

B.  Run remote mist to ensure receiver is working properly.