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Gen 3: Winterization Video and Checklist

1.  Flush coupler, dosing pump and concentrate flow line with clean water and then with air.

  • Thread a PLUS-CAP onto a vented bottle filled with clean water, and insert into coupler.
  • Change the MIX ratio to 50 – MAINTENANCE/REFILL routine/MIX=50.  This will cause the dosing pump to run for about 3 minutes during a charge (CHG.)
  • Run a Charge to flush the dosing pump and line with clean water – MAINTENANCE/CHG.  DOSE and a countdown will be displayed.  Lift the controller out of the well to watch progress in the clear pump discharge tubing.
  • After the CHG completes, remove PLUS-CAP from bottle and snap it by itself into coupler.
  • Set the MIX ratio back to its default of 108 – MAINTENANCE/REFILL routine/MIX=108.
  • Run another Charge to displace water in concentrate flow line with air – MAINTENANCE/CHG.  Again, lift controller from its well to watch progress.

2.  Drain fluid from the batch tank.

  • Remove a nozzle from anywhere on the nozzle circuit and replace it with a length of 1/4″ tubing so that a stream can empty into a 5 gallon bucket.
  • Drain the batch tank of chemical – MAINTENANCE/DRN
  • When you hear the batch tank empty, lift the right front corner of the unit slightly to evacuate as much fluid as possible.  Press STOP button.
  • Replace the nozzle you removed and dispose of the bucket contents per label instructions and local regulations.

3.  Flush batch tank, pump, agitation valve and nozzle circuit with fresh water, then drain batch tank.

  • Program a 120 second (2 minute) manual mist duration – SET-UP/MAN.  If unit has a zone kit, program to manual mist in both zones – SET-UP/MNZ 1-2.
  • Run a manual mist.  Since you are starting with an empty batch tank, it will take a minute or two to fill with fresh water before misting begins.
  • Remove a nozzle from the nozzle circuit to speed draining the batch tank during the next step.
  • Run Inspect – MAINTENANCE/INS.  After INS starts, turn off the faucet feeding the unit and disconnect the water supply tubing at the filter inlet to prevent filling during the cycle.
  • When you hear the batch tank empty, lift the right front corner of the unit to evacuate as much water as possible.
  • Allow the unit to run dry for 15 – 20 seconds, then press STOP button.  Replace the nozzle you removed.

4.  Evacuate water from agitation valve, inlet supply valve, flow meter and flow regulator.

  • Disconnect nozzle circuit from unit.  If zone kit, disconnect tubing to both zones and disconnect tubing from unit to zone kit.
  • In MAINTENANCE, run WINT function to hold inlet supply valve and agitation valve open for 30 seconds to allow trapped fluid to drain.
  • While the valves are open, lift left side of unit about 4″ to let water run out of ports at bottom right corner of unit.
  • Reconnect nozzle circuit.

5.  Clear water from pressure gauge.  Clean batch tank, float switch and intake filter.  (Suggest rubber gloves, paper towels, all purpose cleaner)

  • To access components, remove screws securing controller to shroud and screws securing shroud to sidewalls.  Feed controller into the well.  Lift the shroud up and rotate it counterclockwise, resting it on the left sidewall of the unit.
  • Disconnect tubing to pressure gauge and allow water to drain.  Reconnect tubing and ensure connection is secure.
  • Remove lid from batch tank, and wipe batch tank out with paper towel.
  • Remove pump intake filter, clean, and replace.
  • Leaving float switch in place, clean float and post thoroughly with paper towels and cleaner.  Confirm the float travels easily on post.
  • If no zone kit, return batch tank lid, shroud and controller into position.

If the unit has a zone kit, clear captive water with air compressor.  Use compressor adapter (Part# 20052).

  • Disconnect all tubing from the zone kit.
  • Insert a short length of 1/4″ tubing connected to compressor adapter into port on zone valve marked “IN.”
  • Connect adapter to compressor hose and clear Zone 1.  Leave the tubing and adapter in “IN” port.
  • While lifting float with your finger, start an Inspection for Zone 2 – MAINTENANCE/INS2
  • After INS2 starts, connect adapter to compressor hose and clear Zone 2.  Press STOP to end Inspection.
  • Return batch tank, lid, shroud and controller into position.

6.  Clear water from nozzle circuit filter (if equipped).

  • Disconnect pressure relief valve from filter head and invert to clear water.  Reconnect valve.
  • Unscrew filter head from housing, discard element and pour out water remaining in housing.  Remember to replace filter element at spring startup.
  • Replace head on filter housing.  Reattach filter to unit and reconnect tubing to unit and nozzle circuit..

7.  Unplug unit and coil power cord.

7.  Purge fluid remaining in nozzle circuit with compressed air.

  • Remove the tip from the last nozzle on the end of each run.
  • Use portable air compressor with adapter (MistAway Part # 20052) to purge fluid from nozzle circuit.

Download the Gen 3 Winterization checklist for printing.