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Gen 3: Winterization Video and Checklist

1.  Flush coupler, dosing pump and insecticide flow line first with clean water and then with air.

  • Thread PLUS-CAP onto a vented bottle filled with clean water, and insert into coupler.
  • Execute a Manual Charge to flush the dosing pump and line with clean water.  (MAINTENANCE Menu, scroll to CHG.  Press Green button 5 seconds.)
  • Dose and a countdown will be displayed.  The unit will run the dosing pump for an extended period, flushing insecticide out of the pump and line with clean water.
  • Remove PLUS-CAP from bottle and snap it by itself into coupler.
  • Execute another Manual Charge (same routine as above) to pump air through and evacuate fluid from insecticide flow line.  Remove controller from well and lift to observe when the dosing pump is no longer discharging water.

2.  Flush batch tank, pump and agitation valve with clean water.

  • Drain the batch tank of dilute insecticide in accordance with label instructions and local regulations.  (MAINTENANCE MENU, DRN, Press Green button for 5 seconds.)  As the tank nears empty, lift the right front corner of the system slightly to evacuate as much fluid as possible from the mixing vessel.  Press STOP when pressure falls.
  • Run Inspect to flush the batch tank and nozzle circuit (MAINTENANCE Menu, INS, Press Green button for 5 seconds.)  If zone kit, run INS1 and INS2 to flush both nozzle circuits.
  • During the INSpect cycle, turn off valve at the faucet and disconnect the water supply tubing at the filter inlet.
  • Allow the unit to run until the batch tank is empty.

3.  Evacuate remaining fluid from inlet water line and pump discharge line.

  • Disconnect nozzle circuit from unit.  If zone kit, disconnect tubing to both zones and disconnect tubing from unit to zone kit.
  • Use WINT function to hold inlet supply valve and agitation valve open for 30 seconds to allow trapped fluid to drain.  (MAINTENANCE Menu, WINT, Press Green button for 5 seconds to trigger.)
  • Lift left side of unit about 4″ to let water run out of valve and flow meter.  If zone kit, reconnect tubing from unit to zone kit.

4.  Clear water from pressure gauge.  Clean batch tank, float switch and intake filter.  (Use rubber gloves, paper towels, all purpose cleaner)

  • To access components, remove controller and feed it back through its well underneath the shroud.  Remove screws securing plastic shroud, then lift the shroud up and rotate it counterclockwise, resting it on the left side wall of the unit.
  • Disconnect tubing to pressure gauge and allow water to drain from gauge.  Reconnect tubing to gauge.
  • Remove lid from batch tank, and wipe batch tank out with paper towel and cleaner.
  • Leaving float switch in place, clean float and post thoroughly with paper towels and cleaner.  Confirm the float travels easily on post.
  • Remove pump intake filter, clean, and replace
  • Replace batch tank lid, shroud and controller in unit.

5.  Clear water from nozzle circuit filter (if equipped).

  • Disconnect pressure relief valve from filter head and invert to clear water.  Reconnect valve.
  • Unscrew filter head from housing, discard element and pour out water remaining in housing.  Remember to replace filter element at Spring Startup.
  • Replace head on filter housing.  Reconnect tubing from unit to pressure relief valve and mount filter back on unit.

6.  Unplug unit and coil power cord.

7.  Purge fluid remaining in nozzle circuit with compressed air.

  • Remove the tip from the last nozzle on the end of each run.
  • Use portable air compressor with adapter (MistAway Part # 20052) to purge fluid from nozzle circuit.

Download the Gen 3 Winterization checklist for printing.