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iMist3 Setup: Part 2 – Installing the Module

Installing the Module on Gen 1.3 Misting Unit

  • Securely place the module into the pocket of space between the pump and agitation valve.
    • Note: Ensure the antenna is as vertically straight as possible.
    • Note: We recommend orienting the iMist3 module in such a way that its LED light is visible when the controller is lifted.
  • Place the controller back onto the plastic shroud.

 Installing the Module on the Gen 3+ Misting Unit

  • Unplug misting unit from power and disconnect iMist3 module’s white connector from controller.
  • Remove black plastic cap from center of metal lid to expose mounting hole.
  • Fix module to bottom of lid by pushing coax connector through mounting hole, placing lock washer on coax connector, and then tightening lock nut on top side of lid.
  • Thread antenna onto coax connector.
  • Arrange gray cables behind plastic shroud and reconnect iMist3 cable to controller.
  • Place controller back onto plastic shroud and restore power to misting unit.