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Important Safety Instructions

To Protect Against Accidental Exposure to Insecticide

Permitted Insecticides and Handling

  • Use only insecticides that are labeled for use in automated misting systems, and use only as described in the label.
  • Insecticides that state “Not for use in outdoor residential misting systems” may not be used under any circumstances.
  • Once insecticide has been introduced, ensure 6” air gap between hose and drum bung is maintained when filling.
  • Insecticide label and dilution statement should be securely attached to the unit reservoir in a weatherproof pouch.
  • Strictly follow label instructions regarding storage and disposal of insecticide and container.

Nozzle Circuit Installation:

  • The nozzle circuit should be configured and installed so that insecticide does not drift off the property.
  • Nozzles should be directed to spray towards the target area and away from swimming pools, water bodies, or eating and cooking areas.

Using the Unit

  • Do not allow the unit to mist in the presence of people, pets or food.
  • Unit must be configured, installed and operated so that any insecticide application complies with all label directions, including application rate and prohibitions against offsite drift.
  • The unit reservoir and controller should be locked.
  • Unit and remote transmitter should be secured against access by children.
  • DIP Switches on remote transmitter should be repositioned (from factory setting) to ensure that another transmitter will not activate unit.
  • If a leak or siphon in nozzle circuit is suspected, discontinue use of unit until it is repaired.
  • Unit must never be used for cooling.

To Protect Against Fire or Electric Shock

  • Ensure unit is positioned where it is free from flooding or exposure to irrigation system spray.
  • Unit must be plugged into electrical outlet with ground fault interrupt protection. (GFI/GFCI)
  • Extension cord must not be used.
  • Disconnect unit from power source if replacing components.
  • Replace fuses only with those of equivalent value.