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Installing A MistAway System For Horse Barns

For treating horse barns, the active ingredients used are still primarily pyrethrin and permethrin, like in Riptide and Sector, but there are a few brands with different formulas that are popular within the horse industry, such as Pyranha ( In fact, similar insecticides are applied directly to the animals in higher concentrations than those found in misting.

Installing the nozzle circuit:

Generally, nozzles should be placed every 8 – 10 ft in the barn since there won’t be much drift of the spray.

  1. Place 1 nozzle over the dead center of each stall (usually at 8’ to 10’ high).
    • For a red iron barn, string a steel cable over the stalls and tie-wrap the tubing to it.
    • Tubing can also be stretched between the wood joists.
  2. Install nozzles around the wash stall.
  3. Install nozzles wherever the horses are combed down.
  4. Install nozzles around, but not over, where the feed is kept.
    • A ball valve can be installed in that area to keep the nozzles turned off; If flies show up, cover the feed and open the valve to mist that area.
  5. Install nozzles in covered outdoor areas around the barn where flies hang out.

Misting Schedule:

  1. Schedule the first mist of the day right before the horses are turned out in the morning (so they get a coat of the permethrin on them).
  2. Schedule a mist cycle right before the stalls are cleaned.
  3. Schedule a mist cycle when the horses are brought back in.
  4. Schedule a mist cycle mid-afternoon when some flies may start showing up.
  5. Schedule any other additional mist cycles that are deemed necessary, if any.

The following article from 2003 goes over basic information on the horse barn application: