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Pressure Engineering Rules

Follow these rules to optimize the flow out of your nozzle circuit!

1.  Adjust the pump bypass to produce 250 psi at the unit, never higher.

2.  Each nozzle should operate in the “Target Misting Zone” between 200 – 250 psi, and mist 40 – 50 ml per minute.

3.  Tee the nozzle circuit as close to the unit as possible, and divide the flow.

4.  Don’t install more than 35 nozzles in series on a run of 1/4″ tubing.

5.  If you have to put more than 35 nozzles on a run, use a parallel 3/8″ line to boost the pressure at the middle of the run.

6.  Try to loop the nozzle circuit if the nozzle runs from the unit are very different in length and nozzle count.

7.  For runs greater than 30′ with no nozzles, use 3/8″ tubing instead of 1/4″ tubing.