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What concentrate should I use and where can I buy it?

To decide what to use in your misting system, you have to make a decision or two:

Decision 1:  Do you want to use a “conventional” formulation or a “green” formulation?

 “Conventional” formulations:

  • “Conventional” means that the U.S. EPA requires them to be registered because of the active ingredients they contain – either natural pyrethrins, synthetic permethrin and PBO (piperonyl butoxide)
  • The products are “adulticides”, meaning they kill adult insects on contact
  • Most misting systems use a conventional formulation and they are generally more effective than green formulations

“Green” formulations:

  • The EPA does not require their registration (though most of them are registered) because their ingredients are natural and considered to be “safe.”
  • In misting systems, green formulations are generally not as effective as conventional formulations.

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Decision 2:  If you picked “conventional” formulation, do you want a concentrate containing natural pyrethrins or synthetic permethrin?

Natural Pyrethrins Concentrate:

  • They aren’t natural or organic.  While they are derived from flowers, they are highly refined and the formulations contain another chemical called PBO that is synthetic.
  • Pyrethrins chemically break down very quickly in the presence of sunlight and leave no residue.  In misting, it takes less than an hour, so there is no buildup through the continued use of the system.
  • They are about twice as expensive as formulations containing permethrin and our research indicates they are no more effective.
  • There is a phenomenon known as selective resistance, where populations of insects evolve to be increasingly unaffected by a pesticide if it is used too often.  Because of their relatively higher cost, natural pyrethrins are not frequently used by county mosquito control districts, while permethrin is.  As a result, mosquito populations are less likely to be resistant to natural pyrethrins than to permethrin.
  • Riptide is the most popular concentrate containing natural pyrethrins.  To find a source, just type “Riptide Misting Concentrate” into your favorite search engine.

Synthetic Permethrin Concentrate:

  • They are chemically closely related to natural pyrethrins and are synthesized in a chemical plant.
  • Like natural pyrethrins, permethrin also breaks down quickly in the environment – about 4 hours – when exposed to UV light.
  • Permethrin formulations are generally about half the cost of natural py formulations.
  • Sector is most popular concentrate containing permethrin.  Type “Sector Misting Concentrate” into a search engine.

If you decided to use a “green” formulation, select either Zero Bite or Naprovit Pro Plus.  Type either name into a search engine to find a source.

Click either of the following links for more information about these products as well as a list of concentrates approved for use in a Gen 1.3 Drum Unit or Gen 3 Tankless Unit.