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System Design Process – Training Videos

An effective mosquito misting system starts with a good plan.  The videos in this article describe the design process and the factors you should consider as you work through it.

System Design Guidelines

  1. Design a “perimeter of protection.”
  2. Place nozzles ten feet apart.
  3. Consider the prevailing wind.
  4. Use interior nozzles if the perimeter is large.
  5. Place nozzles 8 feet apart in areas requiring more treatment.
  6. Don’t put nozzles too near the water, koi ponds or on or near jungle gyms or swing sets.
  7. Avoid installing nozzles over 10 feet high.
  8. Avoid installing nozzles at the top of a fence.
  9. Place landscape risers at least two feet from plants.
  10. Protect tubing in ground transitions with conduit.
  11. Place the unit on a flat surface near water and power, so it is accessible and protected from rain and sprinklers.


System Design Part 1 (8:47)


System Design Part 2 (9:14)