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Installing the Nozzle Circuit – Training Videos

The first two videos in this article introduce the five “Universal Truths” of nozzle installation and what tools will be handy to have when you install your nozzle circuit.  Those are followed by two videos that will provide technique and tips for installing nozzles on a variety of surfaces.

Universal Truths of Nozzle Installation

  1. Consider the service consequences of every nozzle you install.
  2. Keep nozzles, tubing and fittings clean during installation
    • Wear a tool belt with pouches for fittings
    • Blow through fittings before you install them
    • Plug tubing end while working in dirt
    • Flush lines before pressure up and inspection
  3. “Push in, then pull out to leave no doubt” when installing fittings
    • Use tube or cable cutter, to make a clean perpendicular cut in tubing
    • Push tubing into fitting, then pull back to confirm seal
  4. Stretch the tubing taught, but not tight
    • Count on slight shrink
    • Use clamps every 2-3 feet to prevent sagging
  5. Don’t kink, and if you do, cut!
    • Use a 90 degree elbow to make a turn in a tubing run
    • Tubing has memory.  If you accidentally kink it, cut out the kink.


Universal Truths (6:04)


Tools (8:17)


Fences and Eaves (7:23)


Risers and Trees (6:50)