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Troubleshooting Error 3: Elevated Nozzle Circuits

This can be the root cause of an error 3 if the nozzle circuit is installed at a higher than normal (12 feet or above) height above the misting unit. An excess amount of fluid from the nozzle circuit lines can drain back into the misting unit during the post-mist hold (“HLD”) time. This excess fluid drained from the nozzle circuit lines must then be “re-filled” during the next mist, which cause the error 3. The hold time is necessary to drain some fluid pressure from the lines after the mist to ensure that the nozzles do not drip.


  • Error 3 on controller/High AFR in Data menu
  • No Visible Leak
  • Fluid level in drum is higher than reflected in the volume gauge on the controller

Record Info and Run Troubleshooting Tests:

1.  Before running ANY mist cycle, record the AFR that caused the Error 3

  • The AFR value can be found by going to the “DATA” menu and looking for “AFR”.
    • AFR stands for the Average Flow Rate (per nozzle) during a mist.
  • Run a short inspection mist cycle until all nozzles are misting, then stop the inspection by hitting the red “MENU” button.
  • Run a manual mist cycle by holding down the “UP” and “DOWN” arrows simultaneously while in the main menu.
  • After completion of the manual mist, check and compare the new AFR to the original AFR that caused the error 3.
    • If the misting unit no longer displays error 3 after the manual mist mist, proceed to Test 2
    • If the AFR remains the same or caused another error 3, please proceed to our article on Leak Diagnosis and Troubleshooting.

2.  Reduce Post-Mist HLD (Hold) Time

  • Find “HLD” in the DATA menu and reduce the duration of the hold time to 10 seconds by setting HLD to 100 (the controller counts this time in tenths of a second).
  • Run two manual mist cycles and check the AFR after the mist.
    • If the first manual mist causes an error 3, disregard it and clear it. The change to the HLD time from above won’t take effect until the second manual mist cycle.
  • If the AFR went down AND no error 3 was displayed, then that will confirm that the original error 3 was caused due to the original hold time and verticality of the nozzle circuit.
    • Note: If error 3 returns after the second mist but the AFR has gone down, continue adjusting the HLD time down and repeating the test. Two manual mists must be run each time the HLD time is adjusted.
    • As it is an important setting for avoiding dripping nozzles, adjust the HLD time until the longest duration that does not cause an error 3 is found.