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Troubleshooting Unit Not Connected to Gateway

The iMist gateway is connected to the internet but it is not communicating with the node on the misting unit.

Potential Cause:
  • The misting unit has lost power.
  • The wireless connection to the gateway is intermittent due to poor range.
  • The node on the misting unit has failed.

Look at the Signal Strength chart on the Connection tab for the unit on

A unit with a good signal strength should looks like this, with the signal strength, represented by the blue line has historically been in the white/Good Signal band.


Power loss to the misting unit is suggested if the signal strength abruptly drops into the red/”Not Connected band.  Either the GFCI tripped or someone unplugged the unit.


A range problem – with intermittent connection – is suggested if the signal strength frequently oscillates between the yellow/”Marginal Signal” band chart and the red/”Disconnected” band.  Unless the gateway or the misting unit are relocated, this problem will persist.

  • If the chart suggests power loss, contact your customer and ask them to confirm that the misting unit has power.  (The controller display will be backlit.)
  • If the chart suggests a range problem, you may be able to resolve it by relocating the gateway to a more elevated position in the house or by connecting the gateway to a wifi extension that is added somewhere in the house nearer to the misting unit.