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Unit not responding to command from white remote transmitter

Figure 1 White Remote Transmitter

Figure 2 White Remote Receiver









Common Root Causes:

Additional Root Causes:

    • Remote transmitter or receiver has failed. Two tests can be run to check if the remote receiver has failed:
      • Ensure the receiver is connected and power cycle the unit. Pay close attention to the controller’s screen as it boots up following the power cycle. The message “IM2 ON” confirms that the controller recognizes a working receiver. If “IM OFF” is shown, the receiver is either not plugged in or must be replaced due to failure.
      • If the remote transmitter cannot be paired with the receiver after the first test, go to the DATA menu in the controller and look for the “M” setting. This setting displays the ID of a working radio module on the receiver. If the controller display matches the following image, the radio module has failed and the receiver must be replaced.

Figure 3: Radio Module Failure Code

  • If the remote receiver passes both tests, the remote transmitter has failed and needs to be replaced.