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What should a system cost?

For a professionally installed MistAway system, you should expect to spend about what you would spend for an installed irrigation system for your home.  For a “representative” home sitting on a standard quarter-acre lot, plan on a purchase price in the $2,800 – $4,000 range.

There are three factors that influence the price and explain the range in prices:

  • Nozzle count – The number of nozzles is a function of the linear footage of the perimeter created by the nozzle circuit.  In most cases, the nozzles are spaced about 10 feet apart, so a property with a perimeter of 300 feet will require about 30 nozzles and a property with a perimeter of 600 feet will require twice that many.
  • Available nozzle mounting surfaces – There are two types of nozzles, structure nozzles, mounted to a privacy fence, eave or tree, and landscape nozzles – which sit atop risers in the landscaping.  Structure nozzles are less expensive and generally require less labor to install than landscape risers.
  • Misting Unit type and options – There can also be a wide range in price depending on the misting unit you select and the optional functionality that can be added.  MistAway sells two models of its misting units – a Gen 1.3 Drum Unit and a Gen 3+ Tankless Unit.
      • Our base level drum unit, Gen 1.3, comes standard with remote control but you may add options that give it important functionality – agitation of the drum contents, protection against siphons and leak detection.  Your dealer can also add iMistAway, which allows the unit to be monitored and managed over the internet using a smartphone app or website.  
      • Our tankless unit, Gen 3, is more expensive than our base level drum unit and contains all the above functionality as standard.  iMistAway can also be optionally added by a dealer.