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iMist2: Checking Controller Compatibility

1.  Confirm the controller firmware version.

  • Cycle power to the misting unit and observe controller startup display.
  • The fourth item displayed will be the current version of firmware on the controller.
  • For any Gen 1.3 or Gen 3 to be compatible with iMist2, the firmware must contain “PR” followed by a 3 digit number. This is the latest firmware version we have released for controllers.
  • If you do not have a “PR” version of the firmware, you can send your controller to MistAway for a firmware upgrade.

2.  Confirm the controller’s serial port.

  • The controller must have a serial port on the back panel, as this is where the iMist2 receiver is connected.
  • If your controller does not have a serial port on the back panel, it will have to be replaced for iMist2 compatibility.


If your controller is iMist2 compatible, please visit our article on Retrofitting iMist2 on an Exiting Unit for further information.