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Gen 1.3: Refill Checklist

For a more comprehensive checklist, see Gen 1.3:  Routine Service Checklist


1. Calculate required volume of concentrate.

  • Select a concentrate from the list of Gen 1.3:  Approved Insecticides
  • Remove drum cover
  • Remove cap from drum bung
  • Use a yardstick to measure inches of remaining insecticide solution and note it.
  • Calculate required volume of concentrate and water (in inches from the bottom of the drum) using the Dosing and Days to Empty Calculator.
  • If you are using an approved concentrate other than ones presented in the calculator, you can find the information required by the calculator – the concentration of active ingredients in the formulation and target concentration in the mist – at Gen 1.3:  Approved Insecticides.

2. Replenish drum with water and concentrate.

  • Fill the drum with a few inches of water from a garden hose, being careful to maintain an air gap of 6” between the tip of hose and the fluid in the drum.
  • Measure concentrate and use a funnel to add it through the bung.
  • Continue filling drum with water to the desired level – maintaining the 6″ air gap.  To avoid foaming and possible equipment damage, stop filling when the fluid level is 4” from the top.
  • Replace cap on drum bung.
  • Ensure concentrate label in waterproof envelope is affixed to the side of the drum and visible
  • Dispose of the empty bottle, strictly following label instructions or regulations regarding disposal
  • Record type and volume of concentrate added

3. Reset level indicator in the controller to Full (8 bars)

  • Navigate to MAINTENANCE Menu, scroll to LEVEL.  Depress Green ► button 5 seconds to enter routine.
  • Use ▲ ▼ buttons to set level to full (8 bars)

4.  Prepare Unit for Operation

  • Confirm AUTO Cycle times and durations
  • Confirm Remote Mist duration
  • Confirm operating mode – usually AUTO Everyday
  • Close plastic lid and secure waterproof cover