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Gen 1.3: Troubleshooting ERR3

What is ERR3:

ERR3 is displayed when the actual MIST volume is significantly greater than the target volume.

Most Common Cause:  leak in the nozzle circuit.

Other Potential Causes:

  • There are more nozzles installed in the nozzle circuit than entered as the NOZ count in the SET-UP menu.
  • The actual flow rate (AFR) is much greater than the estimated nozzle flow rate (NFR) in the DATA Menu.
  • The tolerance in the error calculation (TOL) is too small.
  • Flow meter is not working properly.


Troubleshooting Steps:

1.  Attempt to reproduce ERR3:
  • Clear error – press Red MENU/Stop button for 5 seconds.
  • Run Manual Mist – press the Up and Down arrow simultaneously and hold for 2 secs.
  • If ERR3 results, proceed with next steps.  Otherwise, run more Manual Mists to ensure system is working properly. (see Note about Slow/Small Leaks in Step 4)
2.  Confirm System Setup is correct:
  • Confirm nozzle count in controller (NOZ in Setup Menu) reflects number of nozzles installed.
  • Confirm nozzle flow rate (NFR in DATA Menu) is reasonable (35 – 50 ml/min)
  • Confirm tolerance (TOL in DATA Menu) is correct:
Nozzle Count Tolerance (TOL)
less than 30 75%
30 to 50 50%
greater than 50 25%
  • If Setup changes are required, run Manual Mists to confirm system is working properly.
3.  Inspect nozzle circuit for Leaks.
  • Run an extended inspection cycle (MTCE Menu, press and hold INS) and look for leaks
4.  Note About Slow, “Line-Fill” Leaks:

During the hours between mist cycles, fluid can leak out of a fitting or drip out of nozzles and drain the nozzle circuit. The next time the unit mists, the nozzle circuit must first be refilled completely and this may be a large enough additional volume to cause an ERR3.  Small leaks are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot because they are difficult to reproduce while onsite.

5.  Additional Resources for Troubleshooting ERR3: