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Gen 3: Refill Checklist

For a more comprehensive checklist, see Gen 3:  Routine Service Checklist

1.  Remove Empty Bottle and Prepare New Bottle

  • Select a concentrate from the list of Gen 3:  Approved Insecticides
  • Remove empty bottle from coupler and remove Plus Cap from pour port. (Pressing button on coupler will free bottle for removal.)
  • Dispose of the empty bottle, strictly following label instructions or regulations regarding disposal.
  • Remove factory cap and seal from pour port on new bottle.
  • Thread Plus Cap onto pour port, ensuring it is not cross-threaded or too tight.
  • Remove seal on vent port (to prevent bottle from collapsing as insecticide is pumped out.)
  • Replace factory cap on vent port but do not tighten completely.
  • Insert new bottle into coupler.

2.  Step through REFILL Routine in controller

  • Calculate desired MIX ratio using the Dosing and Days to Empty Calculator.  If you are using an approved concentrate other than ones presented in the calculator, you can find information required by the calculator – concentration of active ingredients in the formulation and target concentration in the mist – at Gen 3:  Approved Insecticides.
  • MAINTENANCE Menu, scroll to REFILL.
  • Press and hold Green ► button for 5 secs to enter REFILL routine.
  • Set MIX ratio (parts water to 1 part concentrate) to target.  Default is 108:1.  Press Green ► button to advance.
  • Set bottle size (BOT) in ounces.  Default is 64 oz.  Range is 2 to 256 ounces.  Press Green ► button to advance.
  • Set LEVEL in bottle.  Eight bars indicates a full bottle of the size entered in the previous step. Press Green ► button to advance.
  • DONE, and then VENT will be displayed.  Press Green ► button to return to home screen.

3. Prepare Unit for Operation

  • Confirm AUTO Cycle times and durations
  • Confirm Remote Mist duration
  • Confirm operating mode – usually AUTO Everyday
  • Close lid and lock