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Gen 3: Replace Gray Plastic Flow Meter

The flow meter is the gray component with the red and black leads located against the back right wall of the unit.  This component was used in Gen 3 units sold from 2007 – 2011.  It is no longer available and must be replaced with a brass flow meter.  This also requires replacing both the controller and the wiring harness in the unit.

To make the replacement, you will need to send MistAway the controller for upgrade.  We will make a modification to the hardware and update the firmware and return the controller to you, along with a new brass flow meter and wiring harness.

Time:  20 minutes
Tools:  zip tie snip

  • Brass flow meter assembly (#10986)
  • Gen 3 wiring harness (#21065)

1.  Remove controller and send to MistAway for upgrade

A.  Note controller settings (nozzle count, remote and auto misting cycles and durations)

B.  Remove controller from well in shroud and disconnect controller from the wiring harness, power and motor cables.

C.  Securely package controller in box and send it to MistAway (using FedEx label we send you.)  Include identifying documentation.

D.  MistAway will return the upgraded controller to you with new brass flow meter assembly and wiring harness.

2.  Remove gray plastic flow meter and install brass flow meter

A.  Remove screws securing shroud.  Rotate counter clockwise and hang shroud from left side of the unit.  See Gen 3:  Access Components by Repositioning Shroud.

B.  Cut zip tie securing wiring harness on back wall.

C.  Remove connector (red and black wires) from plastic flow meter

D.  Disconnect and remove plastic flow meter (including 3/8″ tubing that connects it to the water inlet valve at base of unit)

E.  Connect brass flow meter (using included 3/8″ tubing) at base and top. Discard included pigtail (brown, green, white wires connecting 3-pin and 4-pin connectors)

3.  Replace wiring harness

A.  Disconnect existing wiring harness from components (LED, float switch, bellows pump).

B.  Connect new wiring harness to components as pictured.

C.  Anchor new harness (and black leads from agitation and inlet valves) to mount on back wall with zip tie (and snip).

4.  Connect upgraded controller

A.  Return shroud to original position. Make all connections to back of upgraded controller (6-pin, Bellows Pump, Water Inlet, Agitate Valve, remote cable, motor, power, iMist)

B.  Program settings that you noted in step 1A.

C.  Run a couple of remote or manual mists to ensure unit is functioning properly.

D.  Secure controller into shroud with thumb screws.