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Gen 3: Replace Wiring Harness

Time:  15 minutes
Tools:  zip tie snip and zip tie
Parts:  Gen 3 wiring harness (#21065)

1.  Remove bottle.  Reposition controller and shroud.  See Gen 3:  Access Components by Repositioning Shroud.

2.  Remove existing wiring harness.

A.  Cut zip tie securing wiring harness on back wall.

A.  Disconnect existing wiring harness from the controller and all components – LED, flow meter, float switch, bellows pump).  Do not disconnect black leads that connect into ports marked “Agitate Valve” and “Water Inlet”.

3.  Replace wiring harness

A.  Connect new wiring harness to components as pictured.

B.  Anchor new harness (and black leads from agitation and inlet valves) to mount on back wall with zip tie.

5.  Return shroud and controller to original position.