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Gen 3: Troubleshooting ERR4

What is ERR4?

ERR4 is displayed when the batch tank took too much time to fill after the previous mist cycle.

Most Common Cause:

  • Faucet supplying water to the unit has been shut off.
  • Note:  If faucet is shut off – causing ERR4 – and then turned back on, Gen 3 will automatically clear the error and resume normal operation during the next scheduled mist cycle.

Other Potential Causes:

  • Float switch is stuck in down position.  During the FILL routine, water will run out of the unit until the controller recognizes the issue and closes the inlet solenoid valve.
  • Flow Regulator is clogged, reducing flow to the batch tank.
  • Water supply from the faucet is inadequate or inlet water filter is clogged.
  • Batch tank has a leak.


Troubleshooting Steps:

1.  Ensure faucet supplying water to the unit is on.

  • Clear error – press Red MENU/Stop button for 5 seconds.
  • Run Manual Mist – press the Up and Down arrow simultaneously and hold for 2 secs.
  • Allow mist cycle to complete.  Listen for water flowing into batch tank during FILL routine.
  • If water is not flowing out of unit and ERR4 results, proceed with Step 2, Flow Meter Diagnostic.
  • If water is flowing out of unit and then ERR4 results, proceed with Step 3, Float Switch Diagnostic.

2.  Run Flow Meter Diagnostic to confirm adequate water flow to unit.

3.  Run Float Switch Diagnostic to confirm float switch is working properly.