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Gen 3: Troubleshooting ERR6

What is ERR6?

ERR6 is displayed when the flow meter reading is zero after a FILL routine

Most Common Cause:

  • Flow meter is either clogged or failed.

Other Potential Causes:

  • Float switch is stuck in the up position at the end of the mist (due to buildup of residue on post that hinders its travel) and ERR0 has been turned off.


Troubleshooting Steps:

1.  Confirm ERR0 is turned to ON:

  • Clear error – press Red MENU/Stop button for 5 seconds
  • SET-UP Menu, ER0 turned to ON

2.   Attempt to reproduce ERR6.

  • Run Manual Mist – press the Up and Down arrow simultaneously and hold for 2 secs.
  • If ERR0 results, the likely cause of the problem is the float switch, and not the flowmeter.  See Gen 3:  Troubleshooting ERR0
  • If ERR6 results, it is likely that the cause of the problem is with the flow meter.

4.  Run Flow Meter Diagnostic:

  • See Gen 3:  Run Flow Meter Diagnostic
  • If you can hear water flowing into the batch tank and the diagnostic returns a “Fail”, remove flow meter.  Clean it, replace and run the flow meter diagnostic again.  See Gen 3:  Clean or Replace Flow Meter
  • If “Fail”, then replace the flow meter.
  • Note:  Ensure the inlet water filter is installed and clean.  Both the inlet solenoid valve and the flow meter are vulnerable to problems caused by sediment in the water if the inlet water filter is not installed.