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Gen 3: Water is running out of the unit

Most Common Cause

  • Inlet solenoid valve is jammed in the open position.
  • This is usually a result of sediment in the water line
  • This is preventable by using the Inlet Water Filter (Part #10860) shipped with the unit.

Other Potential Causes

  • Float switch is not functioning because 6-pin connector (connecting float switch, flow meter, LED) is not connected to port on controller.
  • Float is stuck in down position due to buildup of residue on post that hinders travel up during refill and down during misting.
  • Cracked flow meter
  • Hole or tear in batch tank

Diagnostic Steps

  • Turn off power to the unit.  If water continues to run out of the unit, the inlet solenoid valve is stuck in the open position.  Remove valve, disassemble and clean, then replace.  See Gen 3:  Clean or Replace Inlet Water Valve
  • If turning off power stops the flow of water, the issue is with a stuck float switch, a cracked flow meter or a leaky batch tank.
  • Run Float Switch Diagnostic to ensure the float switch is working properly.  See Gen 3:  Float Switch Diagnostic
  • If float switch is working properly, remove controller and shroud and observe flowmeter for cracks and batch tank for leaks.