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Gen 3: Troubleshooting ERR3

What is ERR3?

ERR3 is displayed when the batch tank fill volume is significantly greater than expected.

Most Common Cause:  leak in the nozzle circuit.

Other Potential Causes:

  • System Setup does not reflect installed system – 1) more nozzles installed than entered, 2) actual flow rate (AFR) is much greater than estimated nozzle flow rate (NFR) in controller, 3) the tolerance in the error calculation (TOL) is too small
  • Flowmeter:  1) not working properly, 2) flow of water from the faucet is too high or turbulent for flowmeter to read correctly.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Attempt to reproduce ERR3:
  • Clear error – press Red MENU/Stop button for 5 seconds.
  • Run Manual Mist – press the Up and Down arrow simultaneously and hold for 2 secs.
  • If ERR3 results, proceed with next steps.  Otherwise, run more Manual Mists to ensure system is working properly. (see Note about Slow/Small Leaks in Step 5)
2. Confirm System Setup is correct:
  • Confirm nozzle count in controller (NOZ in Setup Menu) reflects number of nozzles installed.
  • Confirm nozzle flow rate (NFR in DATA Menu) is reasonable (35 – 50 ml/min)
  • Confirm tolerance (TOL in DATA Menu) is correct:
Nozzle Count Tolerance (TOL)
less than 30 75%
30 to 50 50%
greater than 50 25%
  • If Setup changes are required, run Manual Mists to confirm system is working properly.

3. Confirm flowmeter is working correctly with Flowmeter Diagnostic.

4. Inspect nozzle circuit for leaks.

  • Run an extended inspection cycle (MTCE Menu, press and hold INS) and look for leaks

5. Note About Slow, “Line-Fill” Leaks: 

During the hours between mist cycles, fluid can leak out of a fitting or drip out of nozzles and drain the nozzle circuit. The next time the unit mists, the nozzle circuit must be refilled completely and this may be a large enough additional volume to cause an ERR3.  Small leaks are notoriously difficult to troubleshoot because they are difficult to reproduce while onsite.

6. Additional Resources for Troubleshooting ERR3: