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Gen 3 Setup: Configuring Error Codes

Gen 3 is designed to recognize problems with its operations and display error messages that facilitate quick troubleshooting.

These error conditions suspend the operation of the unit until the error is clear by pressing and holding the Red MENU/Stop button for 5 seconds.

ERR0 – ON or OFF

  • Error generally results from unit not misting.
  • See Gen 3:  Troubleshooting ERR0 for more explanation
  • SET-UP Menu, ER0
  • Default is ON (if uncertain, leave ON)

ERR1 – Not Used

ERR2 – ON or OFF.  Leave OFF

  • Error usually results from unit not misting as much volume as expected.
  • See Gen 3:  What is ERR2? for more explanation.
  • SET-UP Menu, ER2
  • Default is OFF.  This error overlaps with other error codes and should be left OFF.

ERR3 – ON or OFF

  • Error usually results from a significant leak in the nozzle circuit.
  • See Gen 3:  Troubleshooting ERR3 for more explanation.
  • SET-UP Menu, ER3
  • Default is ON (if uncertain, leave ON)

ERR4 – Always ON

  • Usually results from water to the unit being shut off.
  • Error will clear itself and return unit to preset System Mode if water supply is turned back on.
  • See Gen 3:  Troubleshooting ERR4 for more explanation.

ERR5 – Always ON

ERR6 – ON or OFF

  • Results from clog or failure in flow meter that controls batch makeup logic.
  • If ERR6 is disabled and flow meter fails, unit will not add insecticide to the batch.
  • See Gen 3:  Troubleshooting ERR6 for more explanation.
  • SET-UP Menu, ER6
  • Default is ON (if uncertain, leave ON)